Friday, March 18, 2011

Something Good's Around the Corner

For half of February, I was feeling a bit down in the dumps. I finished up a project and didn't seem to have any other prospects lined up. The one job that I thought was going to come thru kept me hanging and didn't seem to have a start date in sight. It's stressful not knowing where your next job is going to come from!

But as I have come to realize, things really do have a way of working out. If you are hard-working, ambitious, [and likeable], something good is usually just around the corner. And if you really want to give luck a hand, I recommend booking a non-refundable trip....that'll usually do the trick :)

Jobless, I accepted my parents' invitation to go to Cabo, Mexico. The day after my dad booked the ticket, my dream company called me to come interview. Of course, I got the job and the most amazing part was, they told me NOT to cancel my trip. So I got to go to Cabo for a week and start full time the following Monday.

When I got back to the states this afternoon, I had several voicemails waiting for me. One to work on a freelance indie film, another to interview for a TV pilot, and one offering me an assistant job (something I had interviewed for like 2+ weeks ago). I am very happy with the job I already accepted, but it is always a confidence booster hearing a whole boatload of people want you! And to think, just two weeks ago, I was stressed and feeling utterly rejected.

Note to self: RELAX....good things will come to those who are patient and persevere.

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