Monday, March 28, 2011


So my first week on the job went well. I went above and beyond, as I always do. It's important in this business to give 180%. You always hear, give 110%, but that's just a little more than a good job, right?

On my first assigned project, I was told to create a list of people. So I could have gone the traditional route and just made a list in a Word doc....which would have been fine. But I decided to go all out and not just create a boring list, but an interesting visual as well. I transferred my list into a PowerPoint document with attractive fonts, quotes, and multiple pictures for each slide.

Fast forward a day later.

My boss's boss called me into his office.

Boss: Lauren, did you do this?

Lauren: Yes

Boss: You created this?

Lauren: Yes....I'm kind of a PowerPoint nerd....

Boss: This is AMAZING. I want all of these people. I'm putting you on the phone with New York right now, you're going to help on the campaign. Good job.

And from then on, I felt like I was in the club.

My advice--go all out, give 180%.

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