Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PA Quiz

1) What 2 pieces of paperwork should a Set PA have on them at all times?

2) On a call sheet, 'SWF' stands for...?

3) Does an actor show up on set when they are 'On Hold'?

4) As a Set PA, who do you work for?
a) Director
b) AD
c) Producer
d) Location Manager

5) Who is the Head of the Electric Department?
a) Best Boy
b) Prop Master
c) Gaffer
d) Key Grip

6) An Office PA works for....
a) UPM
b) Production Coordinator
c) Producer

7) On set, if asked to get a Shooting Schedule, where would you find it?

8) When do you fill out your "start work"?

9) When an AD announces "Rolling" over the radio, what do you do?

10) Which of the following do you NOT shout out when heard on the radio?
a) Lock it up
b) On the move
c) New deal
d) 2nd Team
e) Bring in 1st Team
f) Picture's up
g) 10-1
h) Background action

11) What do you do when the AD says "Lock it up" over the radio?

12) What info would you not find on a callsheet?
a) The props needed for the day
b) The weather forecast
c) The budget for the day
d) The AD's cell phone number

13) Who informs the CREW when we will be changing locations?

14) List 3 other names for Extras.


1) sides, callsheets
2) Start Work Finish
3) No
4) B
5) C
6) B
7) AD Kit in Prod Trailer @ Base Camp
8) Day you start on set, before you actually begin
9) Repeat loudly
10) A,E,G
11) C
12) C
13) PAs! Job= to provide info to crew!
14) Background, Skins, Atmosphere, Cattle, Props that Eat, etc.

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