Sunday, February 14, 2010

Writer's Assistant Salaries

Since I know this is an important issue, I decided to post some info I found on writer's assistant salaries!

WB showrunner's asst: 800/wk + 300 out of pocket from a generous boss (female)  
CW showrunner's asst: 700/wk + raises per yr (female)  
NBC showrunner's asst: 650/wk (50 hrs/wk) (female)  
Disney showrunner's asst: 650/wk, no health benefits (female)  
USA showrunner's asst: 650/wk + health benefits after 1st season (female)  
ABC showrunner's asst: 600/wk (60 hours) + health benefits (male)  
NBC showrunner's asst: 500/wk after taxes (female)  
CW writers' asst: 800/wk, no health benefits (male)  USA writers' asst: 650-750/wk + health benefits (female)  
ABC writers' asst: 650/wk (male)  
ABC writers' PA: 600/wk (60 hrs/wk) + health benefits (female)

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