Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Write, Write, Write: Everyday

This weekend we filmed the pilot episode of the webseries I've been collaborating on. It went really well and had everyone on the crew cracking up during takes. I can't wait to get it all edited together so we can start showing it off! I think it has real potential.

Almost done with first feature length screenplay. Way to go me! I have several others lined up and I'm so excited about those, its really pushing me to finish this one. I have a problem where I can't finish screenplays because I get too excited about the next ones!

When I spoke to an agent at ICM who is married to a famous film director, she told me that her husband wrote every single day. When he was working as a PA, he would come home and write a little bit. Didn't matter if it was 10 words or 10 pages. He always got something down on paper. He sold a screenplay eventually, and it was met with critical acclaim. So on the next feature he sold, he was able to negotiate a deal that set him in the director's seat.

I have been using this knowledge as incentive to get myself to write as much as I can each and every day. It can be tough at times! There always seems to be something else I tell myself I need to do. But I have been getting better. Its one of my 3 month goals: Write everyday.

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