Thursday, February 24, 2011

Online Dating for Networking

Recently, I wrote about the importance of putting yourself out there when job hunting, and today I wanted to just touch on a seemingly silly activity that actually does seem to help--online dating.

So, in moments of severe boredom, I admit that I have taken a peak at some of the dating sites out there these days. I setup a profile, write an about me (specifying that I work in entertainment), put up a few pictures, etc. After a few minutes (literally), the messages start coming in. And I have been very surprised by the number of people who mention that they are also in entertainment. I love creative people and have always liked being with other people who are also in film in some capacity--I guess this feeling is pretty common in this industry because a large percentage of the people who message me are also in the industry.

I don't really expect to find my soul mate online, but I've gotten drinks with several people and even if we don't want to date long term....I've managed to find some good contacts! And even had a few job leads come my way via people I met :)

After all, it really is all about who you know!

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